Born into a family of watchmakers and gunsmiths in 1736, it is easy to understand the early interest in precision engineering and artisan metalwork by the young John Arnold.  This masterful technical prowess that began in 1764, continues to this day under the branding of Arnold & Son and is unparalleled in elegance and craftsmanship.  Arnold & Son offers two distinct collections, the Royal Collection and the Instrument Collection.

The Royal Collection reflects a number of the key features that made the original company’s name and demonstrates Arnold & Son’s trailblazing search for innovative technology and elegant design.

The Instrument Collection caters to the navigator in all of us.  The new Instrument Collection borrows from designs of old, and is effectively technical and scientific.  John Arnold and his son developed this line to be rugged and extremely reliable in the most strenuous environments, while still fitting perfectly to the wrist.

Expert craftsmanship, elegance, and durability truly are the driving features that make an Arnold & Son timepiece an excellent choice for an investment watch.


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