Seeing a niche, Breitling watches have been widely known as a specialist of technical watches. Playing a crucial role in the design & development of the chronograph watch. Breitling is proud to be one of the rare watch brands that is chronometer-certified. Chronometer certification is a strenuous test of durability. Each individual movement is test for 14 days and nights, in 5 positions and at 3 temperatures. Then each piece is measured and if it passes the test, earns the title of ‘chronometer certified’.

A true aviator’s friend, Breitling has built a reputation for being reliable and sturdy, a must in the aviation field. Then in 1952, Brietling announced their Navitimer wrist chronograph that amazingly featured a circular slide rule for navigational calculations, and instantly gained a cult following for pilots and aviation specialists for the next 60 years. It’s this drive for excellence that makes Breitling watches a valuable investment watch.


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