A virtual newcomer to the precision watchmaking scene, Franck Muller is driven by the search for perfection as the masters that came before them. Breaking out in the early 90’s with bold and innovative styles, the Franck Muller Group quickly gained world recognition.

It took the Franck Muller brand less than 20 years to experience extraordinary growth in the fine watch industry, and reach sales of over 40,000 watches per year. Another extraordinary aspect of a Franck Muller luxury watch is its innovative design known as the Cintree Curvex, a name trademarked by the Franck Muller Group and a design that was previously not seen in the watchmaking industry. The curved design of a Frank Muller watch is not their only step away from the traditional, their bright, bold colorful watch dials truly revolutionized the fine watchmaking industry – making a Franck Muller watch another great choice for an investment watch.


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